Thursday, March 1, 2007

Egg Stimulation Begins Tomorrow!

The time is finally here!! Tomorrow I start my Repronex and Follistim to stimulate my ovaries!!!

I have to say that up to this point, it hasn't been too bad. I've definitely had some emotional moments. The headaches from the Lupron and birth control were no fun and being on the verge of tears hasn't been exactly a blast. However, knowing that in just 2 weeks, we'll be doing our retrieval and transfer makes the emotional roller coaster, and headaches worth it!

Starting tomorrow, I will give myself a Lupron injection each morning and my Repronex/Follistim injection each evening. I have a blood draw on Monday and another ultrasound on Wednesday to see how I'm progressing.

God willing, I will have produced lots of good eggs for my retrieval the following week!

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