Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Fertility Expenses

As everyone who's ever looking into fertility treatments or knows someone who has, knows that this is a very expensive process. Some couples spend more, some less...I decided to break down my expenses to give you an actual example of what we spent.

Initial consultation was free.

Dr's fees: $8,400 (This included ICSI, a $1,500 procedure where the Dr. injects the sperm directly into the egg for fertilization).

2 ultrasounds and office visits not included in my package: $600

Anest. (egg retreival) $400


2 packs of birth control pills: $14 (copay, covered by my insurance)

Prenatal vitamins: $25.00 (I have some that my insurance convered, but read good things about this one, so I opted to buy them seperately)

Baby Aspirin: $1.99 (This is used to help with circulation during this process)

Antibiotic for Sono: $7 (copay)

900 Unit Follistim: $621

150 Unit Follistim: $103.50

20 vials Repronex: $1,060.00

2 Vivelle Dot: $50

30 Rx Prenatal Vitamin: $7 (copay)

1 Feldene: $7 (copay)

3 Valium: $6.89

30 Progesterone Supp: $50

3 bottles Progesterone 50mg/cc: $84.00

Lupron 14 day kit: $7 (copay) I was so excited when I found out this was covered!!

10 Doxycylcine: $7 (copay)

1 Ovidrel: $68.77

24 Medrol: $7 (copay)

Then my dosage was doubled. That pharmacy bill:

2 vials Repronex: $112.01

2 900 Unit Follistim: $1,254.07

Estradiol: $20

Other fees: $510.11

As of 3/14/07 our total is: $13,432.33

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Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your website. I, too, am going through infertility treatments although we have not reached the point of IVF yet. I'm glad to see this post on your expenses. I have detailed our expenses in my blog too.

Anyhow, may God bless you with the desire of your heart!