Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lupron Injections

First of all, I want to say that I thought and thought about whether or not I should post this blog. I wrote it and included the photos, because in my search for IVF information I couldn't find anything like it. For me, seeing something like this would have helped prepare me for the here it is, my experience with IVF injections. If you have a weak stomach or don't like graphic photographs, then you should skip this blog.

I'm 6 days into my injections and am beginning to feel like a real pro at it. I am however, growing concerned about my upcoming Progesterone injections.

I've talked with other women who have had to have them and hear that they are quite painful. I've also read tips on how to make them easier online, so I feel my concern is justified.

I decided today would be a good day to blog about these injections.

As I begin, I get everything together on the table, I have my Rx, one syringe, 2 alcohol pads and hand sanitizer.

I thoroughly wash my hands before I begin, but use hand sanitizer as extra insurance that my hands are clean.

I begin by following the instructions given to us by our nurse as to how to fill the syringe. ---->

<----I prep the site where the injection will be administered with an alcohol pad.

I take a deep breath in and give the injection. It stings for a few minutes, but overall, it's a piece of cake...and I'm done for the day.

The pain of the injection is lessened knowing that these will help us in our goal to become pregnant.

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