Tuesday, May 8, 2007

2 weeks and I'm getting nervous!

I'm now down to just 2 weeks before I start IVF blood work again.

I really can't explain my emotions. I'm nervous and excited.

I'm scared to death to fail again! Emotionally, I'm not sure how I would handle another failure. Last time I cried for nearly a week straight! The difference this time is that I now know that I can fail where as before I didn't even think failure was an option!

This time around I feel the Dr. is better equipped for the ups and downs of my body along with how it responds to the medications. I get excited thinking that this time it might actually work!

My husband and I have already decided that if the blood work and ultrasound look good, we're going to give it another try. If it doesn't, or the Dr. has doubt in our ability to conceive, we will look into adoption.

Wish us luck!

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Crystal Lampe said...

I am here to support you 100%!